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Our Ambulance services provide 24/7 response to medical and trauma related emergencies. We provide a disciplined and organised system. We provide "emergency response" and "patient transfer" that is easy access to health services.

Our ambulance services provide the equipment, expertise and experience in the emergency intervention, assessment, management and transport of patients in a variety of controlled, uncontrolled, and disaster environments. Our ambulance service provides paramedics who operate in an autonomous environment, remote from the backup and support. Our paramedics are highly trained clinicians, and a fundamental link in the delivery and continuity of patient care.

The transition of a patient from ambulance care into the hospital or other health facility needs to be seamless. Treatment regimes should be complimentary across health providers. The patient should experience a smooth transition whereby the care of the paramedic does not differ from the care of the receiving or referred facility.

By being part of the care continuum, a patient’s personal, event and treatment histories can be transferred from one health professional to another, in a smooth, efficient process. This is vital for appropriate patient care and can avoid repetitious, wasteful diagnostic procedures. It allows the receiving facility to gain a complete history of the patient’s event from the home or first contact, ensuring the transfer of significant information that may seem irrelevant to the patient. In timecritical circumstances, this can speed the patient’s movement through the system.

So whether its home, work, church, school, road accident or emergency situation our ambulance is at your service 24/7.