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Consultations (And Periodic Health Evaluations)

At Parktown Hospital We Offer (Periodic Health Evaluation, Physical Examination, Annual Examination, Checkup) And Consultations.

Evaluation of the body can include inspection (looking at), palpation (feeling), percussion (tapping on), and auscultation (listening) to certain areas of the body. The examination may also involve discussing your medical history, in which the doctor will ask you questions about your medications, medical conditions, allergies, and any symptoms or problems you may be having.

The information gained from your examination will allow our doctors to give you specific recommendations about how you can prevent disease and maintain good health. This procedure allows you to identify problems early on so that you can take steps to prevent any potential health issues from getting worse. If our Doctor notices something concerning during the exam, they can then order necessary tests or perform other procedures to investigate the problem further. The procedure also provides you with an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your overall health.