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Physiotherapy is a hugely beneficial specialist treatment of injury, disease and disorders. Through physical methods, it helps to restore function and movement in the area that has been affected.

Our physiotherapy specialists can help you in a number of ways to improve the quality of your life. They can help you to:

Improve Flexibility

If you work in your office or have a sedentary job you many not necessarily feel the need that flexibility is important. However sitting in the same position day after day can lead to tight shortened, muscles in the back which can cause pain in your low back and neck. Our physiotherapy department can help to maintain and improve flexibility.

Alleviate Pain

There are many ways to categorize pain. Acute pain typically has a sudden onset and can occur following a specific injury or trauma and has a relatively short duration. Chronic pain lasts longer than six months. Parktown Hospital together with our Physiotherapy department we able to assess and identify the source of your pain.

Address muscle imbalances

Often we unware of existing muscle imbalances to a point where they elicit pain and discomfort. Our healthcare specialists and Physiotherapy department are able to assess the muscles for any imbalance s and provide a plan to improve or optimize function.

Prevention of Diseases, injuries and disability

Our physiotherapy department assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent disease and disability. Whether its training for sport, competition or starting a new activity, physiotherapist will assess current mobility, strength and stability.

Improve Post surgical recovery outcomes

Healing after a surgery can take time . There maybe a period of restricted activity which can lead to muscle atrophy weakness and general de-conditioning. Poor pain management can also limit post surgical recovery. Our physiotherapy department can help you progress along your rehabilitation in a safe and effective manner.

Improve balance and coordination to prevent falls

Balance impairment is commonly associated with an older population. However anyone who has sustained injury to a lower extremity can also present with a balance impairment.