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Our Community And

Corporate Out-Reach Activities

Supporting Sports in schools, and the Waterfalls community at large through competitions like marathon competitions. Wellness programs, corporate and community: free health check-ups, free dental consultations for the elderly.

Green And Healthy Hospital

The health sector’s mandate is to prevent and cure disease. Yet the delivery of health care services, most notably in hospitals often inadvertently contributes to the problem. Hospitals generate significant environmental health impacts both upstream and downstream from service delivery, through the natural resources and products they consume, as well as through the waste they generate.

A green and healthy hospital is one that promotes public health by continuously reducing its environmental impact and ultimately eliminating its contribution to the burden of disease. A green and healthy hospital recognizes the connection between human health and the environment and demonstrates that understanding through its governance, strategy and operations. It connects local needs with environmental action and practices primary prevention by actively engaging in efforts to foster community environmental health, health equity and a green economy.

Toward Green And Healthy Hospital

Refreshing green lawn, flowers and trees surround Parktown Hospital campus its part of our environmental initiative and commitment to reduce healthcare environmental footprint. We also incorporated part of clean renewable energy such as solar system and geysers to adopt environmentally beneficial practices that contribute to public health. Its a small step with positive impact on the environment as we strive to be a "Green and Healthy hospital." And we hope others will follow this path too. "Take Good Care Of Nature And Nature Will Also Take Good Care Of You."